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Moon and the Sea
16 September 2008

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5 September 2008

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26 August 2008

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Five Storied
16 April 2007

Recent Comments

Himera on Moon and the Sea
Oh wow, this is brilliant! Great composition!

magiceye on My Model
Good, candid picture!

Judy on My Model
I think she ... and YOU, did a super job!

Dimitrios on My Model

Veronelle on My Model
yes iti a lovely girl

Himera on My Tattoo
AWESOME tattoo!!! I'm thinking about putting one on my neck too :)) Love it!!

blistr on Eyes
Lovely shot!

Nina on Chuck Taylor
Beautiful Chuck Taylor's...the color of the ocean is fantastic!

pawan pradhan on Back!!!
really cool!! i haven't seen such a amazing photograph of sydney bridge.

Anonymous on Back!!!
Great way to start! Making Sydney Harbour look like magic :)

Kylie Greenan on Back!!!
Ahhh, home! A lovely shot from Circular Quay Raj. Congrats on the new gear, I am sure you are going to love the ...

Mokart on Beach On Flower
i like this one. I wish i lived somewhere near water... ;(

Anonymous on First Photo On Aminus
Spectacular first photo. MORE!

Sidonie on Beach On Flower
We can see which wind the wind blows - colorful and peaceful.

Dimitrios on Rain
you are the artist!

«miguel.peixeiro» on Boy Portraits
...great shot.

zsele on Boy Portraits
nice portrait!

Dimitrios on Boy Portraits
an ecxellent portrait, bravo

वसन्त on House Of Mud
राम्रो छ, ग्रामीण जीवनलाई गज्जबसंग समातेको ...

अविनाशी पौडेल on Boy Portraits

Rajesh on Next Temple

Rajesh on God
Great Shot

Soodabeh on God
Nice symbolisem shot!

Art Monkey on God
this is a very interesting shot

Soodabeh on Kitchen
WOW! What a poor little kitchen! All kitchens are like this in Nepal???

Laurent on Clouds
I really like this picture. Ideal weather. White clouds with little sun. Not too hot, not too cold. Great shot. Have a ...

Alain on Next Temple
Superb temple!

mp on Five Storied
Very nice shot Raj. Blue sky with some clouds provides a very nice background. I lived in Bhaktapur for a couple of ...

Laurent on Five Storied
Great shot. I like this temple's picture. Have a great day.

Soodabeh on Time for Portraits
Nice portrait she is beautiful and well dresse!

Soodabeh on Better Teeth are Best to Smile
Nice happy girl!

Soodabeh on Five Storied
WOW! What a huge bulding! lovely religious place.

JackGirl on Five Storied
very beautiful architecture... I like the angle also

Blog GOssip coenrer on Pashupati Nath
Happy New Year 2064. A new blog is born this day. thank you

Laurent on Flower in Red
I love that red flower. Thanks for the view. Have a good day.

Prashanth M on Better Teeth are Best to Smile
nice caption! lol

Raj Shrestha on Sky Touching Trees.....
for sidonie Thanks I dont know may be the buddha sat under this tree...

Helen on Sky Touching Trees.....
You snapped this tree because it is amazing and you have enhanced it by taking it from an interesting angle.. Great ...

alla on Sky Touching Trees.....
Hey, cool shot! I had a similar one:

Dimitrios on Sky Touching Trees.....
it has symetry in it, nice

Evi on Time for Portraits
Beautiful portrait! Thanks for sharing it.

Balpa on Sky Touching Trees.....
Nice shot

Sidonie on Sky Touching Trees.....
The tree under which the Buddha sat, that's why you snapped it Raj! Nice shot!

Admin Nepali Bloggers on Have A Rest
Thanks for submitting your blog in Your blog is successfully listed. Happy Blogging….

Dornbrau on Time for Portraits
Beautifully done.

Dornbrau on Oh My Sleeping Child....
What a precious image.

Sidonie on Have A Rest
Excellent shot - freat doco value - has she seen it?

Dimitrios on Have A Rest
so many cameras!!! nice shot of the tired lady photographer

Sarah on Time for Portraits
what a beautiful little girl. excellent portrait.

Dimitrios on Time for Portraits
the portrait is excellent, well done lets see some more from your part of the world.

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